Good Thinking.
Better Questions.
Best Decisions.

Four styles of curiosity drive decisions. Which Curiosity Archetype are you?

Interactive | Productive



Applied Curiosity Lab offers two engaging, interactive workshops: Applied Curiosity and Critical Thinking. 

Both workshops are optimized for leadership teams ready to find new ways to capture insights, challenge assumptions, and make better decisions.

In-person and virtual options.

Speaking Engaging Thought-Provoking


Applied Curiosity Lab's Founder and Chief Curiosity Seeker, Becki Saltzman and Barkley Saltzman offer thought-provoking keynote talks that inspire Curiosity and ignite Critical Thinking.

Courses | Insightful and In-Depth

Online Courses

In partnership with LinkedIn Learning, our online courses have helped over 2 million learners activate their curiosity and critical thinking muscles to anticipate the future, respond to challenges, and make better decisions.

Over 1 million learners. 11 courses. 7 languages. National CE qualifications. Selected as Microsoft and LinkedIn's Essential Skills for Jobs Program.


Curiosity Unleashed: Mastering Your Curiosity Archetype. From personal growth to team dynamics, this course is your key to understanding and applying the power of curiosity in every aspect of life.




(High Stakes Decision-Making)
Cohort Training & Coaching Program

The HSDM Cohort Training & Coaching Program is for forward-thinking leadership teams committed to optimizing their decision-making.

Upon completing the program, you will have a reliable framework providing a decision architecture that can be deployed across the entire organization to inspire critical thinking, ask better questions, and make the best decisions.