Good Thinking.
Better Questions.
Best Decisions.

Four styles of curiosity drive decisions. Which Curiosity Archetype are you?

Interactive | Productive



Applied Curiosity Lab offers two engaging, interactive workshops: Applied Curiosity and Critical Thinking. 

Both workshops are optimized for leadership teams ready to find new ways to capture insights, challenge assumptions, and make better decisions.

In-person and virtual options.

Speaking Engaging Thought-Provoking


Applied Curiosity Lab's Founder and Chief Curiosity Seeker, Becki Saltzman offers thought-provoking keynote talks that inspire Curiosity and ignite Critical Thinking.

Courses | Insightful and In-Depth

Online Courses +
Deep Dives

In partnership with LinkedIn Learning, our online courses have helped over 1 million learners activate their curiosity and critical thinking muscles to anticipate the future, respond to challenges, and make better decisions.

Deep Dives offer a chance to maximize the impact of our courses by having an Applied Curiosity Lab expert guide you and your team on a deep dive, applying learnings to real-life challenges and decisions.

Over 1 million learners. 10 courses. 7 languages. National CE qualifications. Selected as Microsoft and LinkedIn's Essential Skills for Jobs Program.



(High Stakes Decision-Making)
Cohort Training & Coaching Program

The HSDM Cohort Training & Coaching Program is for forward-thinking leadership teams committed to optimizing their decision-making.

Upon completing the program, you will have a reliable framework providing a decision architecture that can be deployed across the entire organization to inspire critical thinking, ask better questions, and make the best decisions.