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We believe a productive balance between overthinking and underthinking is possible.
Applied Curiosity Lab

Our Story

Applied Curiosity Lab® (ACL) is a global training and development company that helps organizations and teams ignite curiosity and use critical thinking frameworks to optimize decision-making.

Applying the Good Thinking® principles and proven Decision-Hygiene Frameworks from our best-selling LinkedIn Learning courses and workshops, we offer forward-thinking companies and organizations a systematic way to cultivate a culture of curiosity and critical thinking — resulting in reliably better decisions

Becki Saltzman

Becki Saltzman

Founder & Chief Curiosity Seeker

Becki Saltzman is the Founder and Chief Curiosity Seeker at Applied Curiosity Lab.

Becki is an international speaker, author, and best-selling course instructor (LinkedIn Learning). Her engaging and actionable presentations, workshops, and trainings have helped over 1 million leaders, emerging leaders, and forward-thinking organizations apply unique ways of thinking to spark curiosity, inspire critical thinking, capture insights, and optimize decision-making.

Becki holds a master's degree in applied behavioral science from Washington University in St. Louis. Her greatest pleasures include working with her sword-loving son, Barkley and collaborating with her musician son, Dane. In her spare time Becki enjoys great travel adventures and injury-free pickleball with her husband, Stephen.

Barkley Saltzman

Barkley Saltzman

Director of Business & Engagement

Barkley brings his unique experience working across international decision making, mediation, and software sales to provide learners with cutting-edge, actionable tools to make better strategic decisions.

In addition to creating amazing content for ACL learners, Barkley has helped businesses adapt in uncertain times, uncovered avenues for assistance in conflict zones, and created connections between leaders when resolution seemed unlikely.

Barkley holds a master’s degree in international conflict resolution with a certificate in mediation from Tel Aviv University and a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Oregon. He lives in Washington, DC with his wonderful wife Rachel and mischievous dog Lily. In his spare time Barkley enjoys practicing ancient fencing and medieval sword fighting with fellow Historical European Martial Arts nerds.