High Stakes Decision-Making

The HSDM™ Cohort Training & Coaching Program is for forward-thinking leadership teams committed to optimizing their decision-making.

The HSDM Cohort Coaching Program will give you and your team a reliable framework that can be deployed across the entire organization to inspire critical thinking, ask better questions, and make the best decisions.



  • Confidently and wisely make any high-stakes decision
  • Prevent misguiding biases and fallacies from tainting your decisions
  • Remove unwanted variability (noise) from your judgments
  • Track and score your decision process
  • Make the most of your knowledge and expertise
  • Share a language around decision-making that brings teams together
  • Reap the massive benefits from using a reliable decision process (The HSDM™ Framework) to make your most important strategic decisions

How it Works

High-Stakes Decision-Making (HSDM)™ Cohort Coaching Program is an online training and personalized coaching program that will give you everything you need to master the HSDM™ Framework and optimize your decision making.

The 12-week journey through the HSDM™ Cohort Coaching Program includes:

  • Weekly online lessons (video & audio)
  • Personal cohort coaching
  • Customizable workbook
  • Guided decision-making exercises
  • Tools for assessing, tracking, and scoring your decision process
  • A reliable framework (HSDM) for optimizing high stakes decisions throughout your organization

How prepared are you to make high stakes decisions?

The HSDM™ Framework


Commit to Good Thinking

Activate your curiosity and critical thinking muscles for strategic decision-making.


Guardrail Your Decision

Define the decision and what you are – and aren’t – optimizing for.


Filter Your Inputs

Remove biases and fallacies from your due diligence process.

Hand Sanitizer

Sanitize the Process

Implement the decision architecture to maximize the benefits and avoid the traps of group decisions.


Make the Decision

Optimize the balance between overthinking and underthinking.