Intro to Applied Curiosity

Create a Culture of Curiosity and find out why Harvard Business Review called now, The Era of the Curious Leader

Put Applied Curiosity to work for you and your team. Find out your Curiosity Archetypes and what they can do for you and your projects. Identify and remove curiosity killers, use Peak Curiosity as a tool for influence, remove data traps & biases, ask the best questions, illuminate information gaps to reveal insights, employ the Question Contract, more. Innovation. Ideation. Influence. Insights.


  • Identify the difference between when you’re using free-range and when you’re using Applied Curiosity
  • Find out your Curiosity Archetype and how you can use Archetypes to improve project planning
  • Use Applied Curiosity as a strategic tool for seeing things that others miss
  • Illuminate information gaps to make better decisions
  • Get closer to the truth about others
  • Find out how to ask the Most Valuable Question
  • Apply curiosity to avoid data traps & become data savvy
  • Motivate the Curiosity Mindset
  • Tap Peak Curiosity as a new tool for sales and influence
  • Use the Question Contract
  • Adopt and share habits to create a Culture of Curiosity


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