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Applied Curiosity Lab’s Founder and Chief Curiosity Seeker Becki Saltzman offers thought-provoking keynote talks that inspire Curiosity and ignite Critical Thinking.

Becki Saltzman

Why talk about Good Thinking?

  • Because you want to delight and provoke your audience with unique and exciting ways to use curiosity & critical thinking
  • Because you want a speaker who will inspire and challenge your audience to think differently
  • Because you want to give your audience new ways to capture insights and make better decisions in every aspect of their lives

Becki is an energetic, thought-provoking, and sought-after international speaker and best-selling author/content creator. She has helped over 1 million lifelong learners turn ACL’s exclusive Critical Thinking and Applied Curiosity frameworks into actionable, optimized Decision Making.

Becki Saltzman

A Unique Perspective

Becki comes from a family of auctioneers. Her childhood playgrounds were abandoned office buildings and greasy warehouses. Growing up in this veritable cabinet of curiosities is where she acquired her 3 favorite lessons:

  • What we see is never really all that there is. (Thanks, dad)
  • It’s best to hold strong opinions loosely. (Thanks, Sol)
  • None of us knows everything we think we know. (Thanks, Socrates)

The lessons Becki learned in the greasy warehouses of her youth were later confirmed in the dusty halls of academia as an award-winning graduate student in applied behavioral science at Washington University in St. Louis. Using the lessons learned from her unique background and years of testing frameworks Becki inspires audiences to think about their thinking in ways they might not have ever considered.


Becki will energize your organization to turn evidence-based findings into engaging and actionable lessons and thought-provoking conversations.