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Applied Curiosity Lab offers two engaging, interactive workshops: Applied Curiosity and Critical Thinking. 

Both workshops are optimized for leadership teams ready to find new ways to capture insights, challenge assumptions, and make better decisions.

In-person and virtual options.

Applied Curiosity

Using Curiosity as a Strategic Tool

Teams will journey through Applied Curiosity Lab’s (ACL) interactive, thought-provoking case study with curiosity as their guide.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover your own Curiosity Archetypes and how to use them
  • Ask the Most Valuable Questions (MVQs) to reveal insights, spark interest, and close deals
  • Know when more curiosity is beneficial and when it’s not
  • Make more informed and better decisions
  • Take steps toward creating a durable Culture of Curiosity

Critical Thinking

Dissecting Thinking to Capture Insights

Teams will use ACL’s critical thinking frameworks to make wiser decisions while engaging in an interactive, future-thinking case study.

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate between critical, strategic, and creative thinking
  • Ask the essential critical thinking questions to unearth insights others miss
  • Use the intuition REFeree™ to know when to trust intuition
  • Assess the reliability of evidence and validity of conclusions
  • Identify and avoid the top critical thinking killers

Sales & Marketing

Even the most reliable sales and marketing programs leave many personal and market insights undiscovered. Distracting information and the pace of change means that teams are rarely given time to think about their thinking. Applied Curiosity & critical thinking tools will make your team more self and customer-aware, more influential, more intellectually agile, and ready to capture otherwise hidden and meaningful market insights.


Finance & Investing

Risk and insights hide in the gap between what you know about markets & yourself and what you’ll find out to be true. Your success relies heavily on eliminating the thinking problems that keep these risks and insights hidden. We’ll help you shine the light on misleading biases, logical fallacies, and unexamined assumptions to illuminate the risk & opportunity insights that hide in this information gap.



Is your talent inspired and motivated to generate great ideas and to bring those ideas to your organization? In the age of distributed workforces and side hustles, this isn’t as easy as it used to be. We’ll help you create a vibrant Culture of Curiosity and Ideation where your team is inspired and motivated to generate and bring great ideas to work.


Analytical & Technical

No matter how analytical or technical you are, we all lack an operating manual for our brains. This has profound implications and consequences for the effectiveness of our decisions. As you continue to improve upon algorithms and prescriptive models for making decisions, we’ll give you the Good Thinking tools to unlock an operating manual for your brain and avoid judgment and decision errors that negatively impact algorithm decisions.