ACLR 012: How Can Dungeons & Dragons Change Your Life? with Daniel Carter

This week we take a curious peek into the world of Dungeons & Dragons. If you love D&D you’ll relate and learn. If you have never played D&D (and have little-to-no interest) you will be delighted and amazed. Elevate curiosity.

What can fantasy, roll playing games teach us about life and business strategy? Why should you keep reading these show notes so you can participate in our first podcast treasure hunt?

Welcome to the theater of the mind.

“You gotta get as many experience points as possible. That’s the only way you can level up in life.” –Daniel Carter

Becki & Daniel conjuring up a secret prize. Listen and scroll down for hints.

Who is Daniel Carter?

40-year consistent Dungeons & Dragons player (except during Basic Training). He still plays with his friend from high school with whom he played for the first time 40 years ago.

Dungeon Master extraordinaire

Member of the Society for Creative Anachronism

Graphic designer, woodworker, dwarf, elf, gnome, warrior, wizard and rogue

Host of soon-to-lauch podcast, It’s Wood

Military intelligence analyst in the army

What will you learn?

If you’ve read this far, you will learn that hidden in this podcast is the answer to the following the question: What is the name of Daniel’s favorite D & D character? If you answer correctly in the comments, you will be eligible to win an amazing prize. In the gaming world, this kind of thing is called an Easter Egg.

How Dungeons and Dragons led to Daniel’s role in military intelligence.

How to come back from the dead.

The universal benefits derived from playing Dungeons and Dragons

How to find a little piece of yourself to create your character.

What D&D teaches us that translates to general life skills.

Curious questions.

What was the deal with the Satanic Panic or Daemon Worship 80s era?

What does a good player look like? How is skill measured?

What is one important life lesson that you would not know if it weren’t for Dungeons & Dragons?

What is race?

What’s an example of a puzzle?

How is D & D like woodworking?

Links and resources:

Dungeons and Dragons history

Of Dice and Men by David M. Ewalt

It’s Wood

Guardian Games

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