ACLR: What are the Hidden Forces that Persuade You?

Welcome back! This episode of Applied Curiosity Lab Radio welcomes influence guru, Brian Ahearn to the lab. He joins us to chomp on the Curiosity Bite exploring the hidden powers that persuade us, how to use these powers ethically, and how to avoid being manipulated by them.

Can you identify when persuasive techniques are strategically used on you? Listen to this episode and you can answer, “Yes!”

Are you in sales? If so, get out the notepad!

What do you spend more time doing: Actively looking for reasons to like others or trying to get others to like you?


Discuss, debate, and dissect with us!

The lens is – and always will be – curiosity. Each week, fun informal conversations center around one delectable Curiosity Bite designed to give your brain the time and ideas to think about thinking, to flex your curiosity muscle… and maybe even… revolutionize the way you think.

This week’s Curiosity Bite:

Looking back on your life, who persuaded you to do something you otherwise wouldn’t have done and what did they persuade you to do?


In this episode…Curious Questions asked and answered

How can you use the persuasive principle of “liking” in an ethical way?

Does complimenting and flattery work to persuade even when it’s BS?

How will Instagram removing the number of views influence the number of views each post receives?


Influence People: Powerful Everyday Opportunities to Persuade that are Lasting and Ethical

Influence People

Influence: Science and Practice

100 Years 100 Stories


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Special thanks to Brian. Thanks for sharing Curiosity Bites research and ideas. Thanks for joining us this week. Until next time!