Improving Your Judgment for Better Decision-Making

This course is designed for anyone who would like to improve decision-making ability. Identify the difference between being judgmental and exercising good judgment. Learn about how to identify your default judging style, and how to expand that style and make better decisions. Discover a formula for practicing good judgment in challenging situations, when making decisions about the future, and when interacting with others at work. Improve your judgment about others and about yourself to make better decisions in every aspect of your life.


The secret to good decisions is good judgment

  • Pave the way to better decisions
  • Distinguish between being judgmental and having good judgment
  • Increase the accuracy of your judgments about others
  • Judge wisely when it’s hard
  • Improve judgment in challenging situations
  • Use good judgment to make a case
  • See things more clearly
  • Judge the future more accurately
  • Become more self-aware


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