Ideation for Leaders

Get Your Talent to Bring their Best Ideas to Work!

Learn how to create a rich culture of ideation that encourages your talent to share their ideas openly with your organization. In a gig economy in which temporary and contract jobs are common and organizations frequently contract with independent workers for short-term engagements, it’s not uncommon for people to save their best ideas for a personal project or side hustle. Gain specific techniques for developing your culture, processes, and systems to encourage and allow your talent to generate and openly share their concepts and ideas with you and your organization.


  • Create a culture of ideation
  • Identify the difference between ideation vs. innovation
  • Interrogate ideas to create better ones
  • Reveal the path to implementation
  • Tap into what science reveals about motivation
  • Find intrinsic and extrinsic motivators that work
  • Identify and inspire contributors, evaluators and augmenters in your organization
  • Create an idea hub
  • Use an idea priority chart
  • Create an ideation session or workshop of your own


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