Critical Thinking for Better Judgment & Decision Making online course

The pace of change and volume of information we encounter in daily life make it hard to think through decisions. Instead, people often rely on biases and rules of thumb, which trap them into drawing faulty conclusions. The most successful teams use critical thinking—objective and rational analysis—to illuminate the wisest conclusions. This course prepares leaders to hone the critical thinking skills of their entire organization. Learn how to upgrade critical thinking to avoid deceiving fallacies, spot misleading cognitive biases, craft better arguments, hone judgment, and improve decision-making. You will attain skills that will improve how you and your team innovates, tackles challenges, and responds to change.


  • Distinguish between when you’re using critical, strategic, and creative thinking
  • Think about and dissect thinking to capture insights
  • Identify and avoid cognitive biases
  • Stop falling victim to the planning fallacy
  • Use counterfactual thinking to gain insights
  • Overcome loss aversion to become a wiser negotiator
  • Avoid logical fallacies to get closer to the truth
  • Create a culture of critical thinking
  • Avoid decision traps
  • Make better decisions


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